Monday, September 26, 2011

Catching Up

I haven't updated this blog in forever. I've been busy, but I have accomplished some things on my list. Time for me to get serious since I only have about a year an a half to complete the rest of my tasks.

So, these are the items that I've checked off since my last update.

21. Go 1 day without using TV or computer
  • I did this while in Palm Springs. Even away from home this was much harder that I thought it would be. I am way too dependent on modern technology. I need to get back to having tech-no Sundays. That means no TV, no computer and no microwave for cooking.

43. Go Zorbing
  • This was such an awesome experience that I got to experience with my friend Nicole. I went out to Tennessee and had a ball (get it? hardy-har-har)

49. Look into getting Invisalign
  • Discussed this with my dentist at my last appointment. I am a good candidate for this as long as I can correct my tongue thrusting issue first.

60. Sing Karaoke
  • I've done this twice since this has been on my list. Once in SD and once in TN

68. Vacation in Palm Springs
  • This was such an awesome vacation. Four days in Palm Springs on my own. I was able to do what ever I wanted when ever I wanted. I'm thinking of making this an annual trip.

82. Do a spa day
  • This was also done while I was on vacation in Palm Springs.

94. Go to a bar alone and meet 3 people
  • Glad that I did this, but not something that I want to do again. Out of all the items on my list, this was the most scary to me.

96. Potty train Kayla
  • Woo hoo! So glad that I can check this off my list.

100. Grow fruits and or vegetables in my own garden
  • I found out that I am a complete failure at growing my own fruit/veggies. I attempted to grow four tomato plants; it didn't go very well.

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