Monday, September 26, 2011

Catching Up

I haven't updated this blog in forever. I've been busy, but I have accomplished some things on my list. Time for me to get serious since I only have about a year an a half to complete the rest of my tasks.

So, these are the items that I've checked off since my last update.

21. Go 1 day without using TV or computer
  • I did this while in Palm Springs. Even away from home this was much harder that I thought it would be. I am way too dependent on modern technology. I need to get back to having tech-no Sundays. That means no TV, no computer and no microwave for cooking.

43. Go Zorbing
  • This was such an awesome experience that I got to experience with my friend Nicole. I went out to Tennessee and had a ball (get it? hardy-har-har)

49. Look into getting Invisalign
  • Discussed this with my dentist at my last appointment. I am a good candidate for this as long as I can correct my tongue thrusting issue first.

60. Sing Karaoke
  • I've done this twice since this has been on my list. Once in SD and once in TN

68. Vacation in Palm Springs
  • This was such an awesome vacation. Four days in Palm Springs on my own. I was able to do what ever I wanted when ever I wanted. I'm thinking of making this an annual trip.

82. Do a spa day
  • This was also done while I was on vacation in Palm Springs.

94. Go to a bar alone and meet 3 people
  • Glad that I did this, but not something that I want to do again. Out of all the items on my list, this was the most scary to me.

96. Potty train Kayla
  • Woo hoo! So glad that I can check this off my list.

100. Grow fruits and or vegetables in my own garden
  • I found out that I am a complete failure at growing my own fruit/veggies. I attempted to grow four tomato plants; it didn't go very well.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Catching Up

So, I've been slacking on my blog for a while. Let's recap what I did before my bloggy-break:

1. Post this list to a blog
17. Get eyebrows threaded
51. Make cookies from scratch
87. Tip 100% at a restaurant

And now, here is what I've completed since my last post:

7. Don't eat out for an entire month (Feb 2011)
53. Pay off credit card
54. Pay off Pathfinder
67. Take Kayla to Disneyland
72. Watch sunset at the beach
73. Watch the Godfather movies
79. Get a facial
99. Make 12 new recipes (I've made many more than that)

Take a look at the remaining items on my list and let me know if you want to do anything with me. I have until 05/12/2013 to complete all of these tasks. :)