Wednesday, August 25, 2010

#95 Completed {Go to a movie on my own}

I did it! I went to a movie on my own. I don't know why I thought it would be so scary or weird. It is not like you sit and converse through the movie.

I went to see The Switch (Jennifer Aniston and Jason Batemen). The movie was okay, I'd rate it a B- or a C. It was slow, but I did like the story line. But, I'm now wishing I would have purchased a ticket to see Vampires Suck.

Another item completed from my list.

3 items down. 98 More to go. 990 days to complete.


  1. Nice job! This is on my list, now just to find a time to do it. There are a lot of movies I want to see. :)

  2. Good job! This is also on my list. You're doing great!

  3. Yay for completing another thing on your list. I think Vampires Suck is too cheesy to pay a theatre price. To me it's the kind of movie I will rent when it comes out on DVD.

  4. My DH loves to go to movies by himself, I've never done it lol...anyhow great job on crossing off another from your list!